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Laminate Documents with an Iron

Laminate documents the simple and inexpensive way. Sure you could buy a laminating machine, but do you really need one? Here’s an easier approach. Start with laminating sheets that you can cut to whatever size you need. Insert your documents. Then, heat up your iron (no steam for this project). […]

Smartphone Shortcuts for Happy Texting

Smartphone shortcuts make life easier every day–hence, the term “happy texting.” When you are texting and get to the end of a sentence, you don’t have to click for a period, then make a space and then capitalize the beginning of the next word. (Phew! It’s tiring just thinking about it.) […]

Strain Wine through a Coffee Filter

Strain wine through a coffee filter when bits of cork have made their way into the bottle. Sometimes, while you’re opening a bottle, the cork breaks apart. Blame it on a bad corkscrew, or being in a hurry to get to the good stuff. You can try to pour around […]

Frozen Yogurt Pops the Easy Way

Frozen yogurt pops are a delicious, refreshing low-calorie treat. Kids love them so much they might not even realize the pops are made from healthy ingredients! Now you can make your own pops at home. You’ll save money and you can control exactly what goes into your kids’ warm-weather treats. […]

Remove Sticker Residue with Vinegar

Remove sticker residue once and for all, the easy and natural way. Kids love stickers, and most kids go through a stage of putting stickers on everything. Some stickers slide right off; others leave a gooey mess behind on toys, walls and furniture. Here’s the simplest way to remove that […]

Make No-Slip Hangers with Pipe Cleaners

Make no-slip hangers the cheap and easy way: with pipe cleaners. You remember pipe cleaners, right? Most of us had at least 10 arts and crafts projects in school that involved pipe cleaners. You can buy them online or at your local superstore (in the kids’ crafts section, not with […]

Peel Garlic without a Knife

Peel garlic with no tools, no knife and no special gadget. All you need is a container with a lid–an empty glass or plastic jar works perfectly. First, separate the cloves. Then put them in the container and shake vigorously. You can watch the peels separate from the cloves as […]

Desk Organizing with Low-tech Fun

Desk organizing at work doesn’t have to be boring. Update your high-tech work area with a low-tech favorite: Legos bring a bit of vintage fun to your workspace. First, attach a long Lego piece to the side of your desk (make it the same side where your laptop charges). You can attach […]

Add Wrist Weights to Your Hair Routine

Add wrist weights to your beauty routine to give your arms and shoulders a micro-workout while you blow-dry, curl and crimp your hair. The weights will add resistance while you’re holding your arms above your head, with a hairbrush in one hand and a styling tool in the other. Another […]

Lavender Oil Helps with Fido’s Stress

Lavender oil can help your dog (and you!) through a stressful situation. Whether it’s too many bullies at the dog park, noisy neighbors, car rides, or the dreaded ear drops, dogs can get nervous, just like people do. To calm your precious pet the natural way, add a few drops […]

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A Pen Spring Will Protect Your Charger Cords

A pen spring is that little spring inside a ball-point pen–you may remember them from grade school, when they were often used to make tiny rocket launchers. Wrap two springs around a charger cord: one at the end that plugs into the outlet, and the other at the end that plugs into […]

Rubber Band Fix for Your French Manicure

A rubber band is all you need to fix a French manicure in a jiffy! Grab a thick band from your office supply drawer, and wrap it around your nail, leaving the tip exposed. Now you can remove polish, re-apply, and even add a top-coat–without affecting the main part of […]

Chill Wine Thoroughly with Frozen Grapes

Chill wine the easy, efficient and stylish way: use frozen grapes. No time to chill your wine? Don’t even think about adding ice cubes, which will quickly dilute the wine. Instead, keep some frozen grapes handy in your freezer. Add the grapes to the grown-up “grape juice” and for a […]

Traveling with Cosmetics Is Easy with This Trick

Traveling with cosmetics doesn’t mean bringing your entire medicine chest along in your overnight bag. When you travel, of course you want to look your best, and that means remembering to moisturize each morning and night. If you’re flying, your skin may be especially dry and you will be up against […]

Moving Hack: Leave the Clothes on the Hangers!

Oh, moving… it’s exciting when you are thinking about the new place you’ll be living, your new job, new neighborhood. But then there’s the actual moving part. Your friends who said they would be there for you through anything are not answering your texts. And even though just a few […]

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Clean Beauty Brushes on the Cheap

Clean beauty brushes are the foundation (get it? foundation) to a beautiful look. But most of us are using dirty brushes. Think about it: you spend good money on bronzers, powders, blushes, highlighter, sparkles and who knows what else and then apply all that beautiful stuff with a brush that’s been […]

Save the Toilet Paper (from Kids and Cats)!

What do two-year-old children have in common with your favorite feline? Oh, they’re cute, sure, until they unroll the toilet paper, stuff it into the toilet, and you’ve got a $200 bill from your local drain service. Super cute! Toddlers and cats alike can’t seem to resist toilet paper. To […]

Take Your Coffee Black, And Renew Your Shoes

Renew your shoes with coffee. Coffee is, in some people’s estimation, one of the greatest substances known to humankind. It picks you up, perks you up, and wakes you up. It’s a centerpiece of our culture–and has been long before a certain chain came on the scene. And now, yet […]

Pack Half in Your Luggage, Half in Your Partner’s

Pack half of what you’re bringing on vacation in your luggage, and the other half in the luggage of your travel partner. And, your partner should do the same: half of his stuff in his bag, half in yours. That way, if one bag gets lost or delayed, it won’t […]

Drink Water to Lose 5 Pounds in 12 Weeks

Drink water to feel refreshed and hydrated–it’s something we’ve heard for a long time. Now you can drink water to lose weight, too. Just two cups, three times and day, and you can lose five pounds in 12 weeks. Research presented at the 40th National Meeting of the American Chemical Society summarized […]