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Laminate Documents with an Iron

Laminate documents the simple and inexpensive way. Sure you could buy a laminating machine, but do you really need one? Here’s an easier approach. Start with laminating sheets that you can cut to whatever size you need. Insert your documents. Then, heat up your iron (no steam for this project). […]

Smartphone Shortcuts for Happy Texting

Smartphone shortcuts make life easier every day–hence, the term “happy texting.” When you are texting and get to the end of a sentence, you don’t have to click for a period, then make a space and then capitalize the beginning of the next word. (Phew! It’s tiring just thinking about it.) […]

Strain Wine through a Coffee Filter

Strain wine through a coffee filter when bits of cork have made their way into the bottle. Sometimes, while you’re opening a bottle, the cork breaks apart. Blame it on a bad corkscrew, or being in a hurry to get to the good stuff. You can try to pour around […]

Frozen Yogurt Pops the Easy Way

Frozen yogurt pops are a delicious, refreshing low-calorie treat. Kids love them so much they might not even realize the pops are made from healthy ingredients! Now you can make your own pops at home. You’ll save money and you can control exactly what goes into your kids’ warm-weather treats. […]

Remove Sticker Residue with Vinegar

Remove sticker residue once and for all, the easy and natural way. Kids love stickers, and most kids go through a stage of putting stickers on everything. Some stickers slide right off; others leave a gooey mess behind on toys, walls and furniture. Here’s the simplest way to remove that […]

Make No-Slip Hangers with Pipe Cleaners

Make no-slip hangers the cheap and easy way: with pipe cleaners. You remember pipe cleaners, right? Most of us had at least 10 arts and crafts projects in school that involved pipe cleaners. You can buy them online or at your local superstore (in the kids’ crafts section, not with […]

Peel Garlic without a Knife

Peel garlic with no tools, no knife and no special gadget. All you need is a container with a lid–an empty glass or plastic jar works perfectly. First, separate the cloves. Then put them in the container and shake vigorously. You can watch the peels separate from the cloves as […]

Desk Organizing with Low-tech Fun

Desk organizing at work doesn’t have to be boring. Update your high-tech work area with a low-tech favorite: Legos bring a bit of vintage fun to your workspace. First, attach a long Lego piece to the side of your desk (make it the same side where your laptop charges). You can attach […]

Add Wrist Weights to Your Hair Routine

Add wrist weights to your beauty routine to give your arms and shoulders a micro-workout while you blow-dry, curl and crimp your hair. The weights will add resistance while you’re holding your arms above your head, with a hairbrush in one hand and a styling tool in the other. Another […]

Lavender Oil Helps with Fido’s Stress

Lavender oil can help your dog (and you!) through a stressful situation. Whether it’s too many bullies at the dog park, noisy neighbors, car rides, or the dreaded ear drops, dogs can get nervous, just like people do. To calm your precious pet the natural way, add a few drops […]

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Left Part of Your Charger Behind?

Imagine you’re on the road and you feel like you left something behind, but can’t quite put your finger on it.. You know that part of your charger that plugs into the wall–to charge your phone? If that’s what you’ve left behind and you’re traveling, here’s a simple hack you can […]

Travel Hack with a Paperclip

Next time you travel, go a little “MacGyver” with this simple hack with a paperclip. If you don’t have a suitcase lock handy, yet still don’t want your luggage wide open, spilling all over the baggage carousel, the humble paperclip is your best friend. Just take a paperclip, open it […]

Open Wine without a Corkscrew

Open wine without a corkscrew, and without making a huge mess. We’ve all been there–a great bottle of wine but no corkscrew! Perhaps you’ve just moved in and haven’t unpacked, or you’ve been meaning to buy a corkscrew but haven’t yet gotten around to it. No worries: you can open a […]

Rolled Clothing Packs Easily – Travel Hack

Rolled clothing is the secret to successful last-minute packing–you’ll fit more into your luggage and it’s much faster than folding each item of clothing! Start with the larger, heavier items like pants and sweaters. Roll each one and lay the rolled items into the center of your suitcase or duffel […]

Reserve Two Seats on an Airplane (and Get 3)

Reserve two seats on an airplane and you are likely to get an entire row. Here’s what to do: when you and a friend are planning to fly together, book one seat on the aisle and one at the window–in the same row. If the flight’s not booked, chances are slim […]

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Remove Water Stains with a Hair Dryer

Remove water stains from your coffee tables, dining room table or even your piano bench (!) with the concentrated heat of your hair dryer. Cool glasses of water or hot cops of tea–along with those sippy cups full of juice that your kids love–leave a white mark on wood furniture. […]

Lavender Oil Helps with Fido’s Stress

Lavender oil can help your dog (and you!) through a stressful situation. Whether it’s too many bullies at the dog park, noisy neighbors, car rides, or the dreaded ear drops, dogs can get nervous, just like people do. To calm your precious pet the natural way, add a few drops […]

Simplify Your Keychain with this Nail Polish Hack

Are you tired of carrying around a bulky set of keys? Here’s a tip on going slim and sleek with your keychain: get rid of plastic key tags and paint your keys with brightly colored nail polish. “Key caps” or “key tags”–those clunky plastic things around your keys–make your keychain […]

A Handy Ruler

You’re driving down the road and see one of your favorite signs: “Free.” There’s a couch, a bookcase or a desk that you are sure would look great in your apartment… until you get it home and realize it’s about a foot too long to even get through the front door. […]

Snowmen Pumpkins Make Upcycling Fun

Snowmen pumpkins are all the rage this year. It’s a smart way to “upcycle” your leftover Halloween décor. Whether your leftover pumpkins are the real deal or made of foam, it’s easy to paint them white and turn them into snowmen! (If the neighborhood kids already smashed your pumpkins, you can […]