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Hang Paper Towels on a Coat Hanger

Hang paper towels the easy way at your outdoor events this summer. When you’re manning the BBQ, or watching a bunch of kids at a pool party, you don’t have time to trek back to the kitchen to grab a paper towel every time you need one. Try this: cut the […]

DIY Stain Treatment for Baby’s Clothes

This DIY stain treatment is easy to make and gentle on your baby’s clothes. You don’t want to use harsh chemicals on your child’s clothing and, let’s face it, babies are expert at making their own stains (spit-up being their specialty). Mix up your own pre-wash treatment with equal parts […]

DIY Flea Bath for Your Pet

A DIY flea bath is easy to make and you’ve probably got everything you need in your kitchen. When Fido or Kitty comes home with fleas, you’ve got to act fast. Mix together these three ingredients: 1 cup Dawn + 1 cup vinegar + 1 quart of warm water. Massage the […]

Store Hair Tools in a Pot Holder for Travel

Store hair tools the easy way when you travel–whether on a long-distance flight or a short-distance drive home from the gym. Use a clean pot holder to tuck away your curling iron, crimper or flat iron. The pot holder’s padding will protect your tools, and its heat resistance will come […]

Iron Away Deep Carpet Indents

Iron away deep indentations in your carpet. Furniture can leave deep indents in carpeting, but there’s no need to replace it or even to spring for a steam cleaning. You can create your own mini steam cleaner with an iron. Cover the indentation with a clean, damp towel. Set your iron […]

Portion Snacks Ahead of Time

Portion snacks before you indulge yourself so you’ll never have to say, “I can’t believe I ate that whole bag of cookies!” It’s easy to keep reaching into a bag of chips or a package of chocolate chip cookies until there’s nothing left. And then you feel bad. Enjoy your snacks […]

Get Emojis on Your Laptop

Get emojis the simple way on your laptop or desktop–whether you use a Mac or PC. From the folks at Pocket-Lint.com, here are the shortcuts you need: “For Mac: Press control+command+spacebar to get the emoji menu. For PC: Windows 7 users can paste emoji from getemoji.com, while Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 users […]

Cook Pasta in Less Water

Cook pasta with less water and less mess. Most packaged pasta advises you to boil something like six quarts of water before adding the dry pasta. Then, once the pasta is cooked, you end up pouring all that water down the drain (and sometimes getting burned by the steam while […]

Untangle Doll Hair with Fabric Softener

Untangle doll hair without pulling your own hair out. Barbie, Skipper and even baby dolls come with long hair that looks shiny and pretty at first, but can turn into a complete mess after a night in the toy box. Mix fabric softener and water in equal parts, and put […]

Rubber Band Fix for Your French Manicure

A rubber band is all you need to fix a French manicure in a jiffy! Grab a thick band from your office supply drawer, and wrap it around your nail, leaving the tip exposed. Now you can remove polish, re-apply, and even add a top-coat–without affecting the main part of […]

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Red Wine Spill? Clean It Up with White Wine

A red wine spill doesn’t have to ruin your night, or your shirt. Use white wine to neutralize the stain before it sets. Red wine contains anthocyanins, compounds responsible for the red color in plants (including red grapes). White wine can neutralize those compounds by breaking them down. Just pour […]

For Travel Peace of Mind: Scan Your Docs

Before you travel, scan or photograph each of your important travel documents–your tickets, itinerary and of course your passport. That way, if you… lose your passport, drop your tickets while you’re in line or use the back of your itinerary to make a shopping list, you’ll still have an image of each. […]

Freezer Hack: De-ice the Freezer with Cooking Spray

When you’ve just walked in the door and all you want to do is to heat up that frozen pizza, the last thing you need is to fight with frost–it’s like climbing into an igloo through a closed door. You can prevent frosty messes with this freezer hack. First, you’ll need […]

DIY Whipped Cream

DIY whipped cream is easy to make and delicious! For mouthwatering desserts and drinks, you can make your own fresh whipped cream, even without a mixer. Start with a small carton of heavy whipping cream (Trader Joe’s carries this), add a big pinch of sugar and half a teaspoon natural […]

Soften T-shirts with Salt

Soften t-shirts the easy way–no need to wash them a dozen times or spray them with chemicals. Here’s all you need to do. Start with a clean plastic or glass container, like a salad bowl or large food container. Pour in a quart of water and add a half a […]

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Smartphone Shortcuts for Happy Texting

Smartphone shortcuts make life easier every day–hence, the term “happy texting.” When you are texting and get to the end of a sentence, you don’t have to click for a period, then make a space and then capitalize the beginning of the next word. (Phew! It’s tiring just thinking about it.) […]

Perfect Mascara Using a Business Card

Perfect mascara can be yours, at last. You want to coat all your lashes, from the base all the way up–but it can get messy. Try this: hold a business card at the base of your lashes. The card will absorb the extra mascara that would otherwise end up all […]

A Handy Ruler

You’re driving down the road and see one of your favorite signs: “Free.” There’s a couch, a bookcase or a desk that you are sure would look great in your apartment… until you get it home and realize it’s about a foot too long to even get through the front door. […]

Staple Remover Hack: Add Keys to a Keychain

The staple remover is good for so much more than removing staples. At last! A hack for putting keys on a keychain. How many keys have been lost because putting them on the keychain was next to impossible? So you stick the key to your mom’s house in your wallet–because […]

Snowmen Pumpkins Make Upcycling Fun

Snowmen pumpkins are all the rage this year. It’s a smart way to “upcycle” your leftover Halloween décor. Whether your leftover pumpkins are the real deal or made of foam, it’s easy to paint them white and turn them into snowmen! (If the neighborhood kids already smashed your pumpkins, you can […]