Waterproof Canvas Shoes with Beeswax

waterproof canvas shoes

Waterproof canvas shoes the easy way, and make them look better and last longer.

Canvas shoes–including flats, sneakers and sandals–are a mainstay in the summer months (and almost all year round in warmer climates like the ones enjoyed in California and Florida).

But sometimes it rains. And there’s always the wayward sprinkler. Water can make canvas shoes vulnerable to mildew, or make them stretch out and become sloppy. To keep your canvas shoes looking great and lasting a long time, waterproof them by simply rubbing beeswax over the outside of a clean shoe. Use a blow dryer to seal the wax and you’re set to go. Alternatively, if you’re looking for something a little more durable for running, or general adventuring, then you can see more waterproof shoes here.