Grapefruit Works to Clean the Tub


Grapefruit is delicious for breakfast, makes a great juice and you can even use it in every day household cleaning from the tiles to cleaning the bath tub.

If you have a dirty tub, skip the chemicals and the expensive “all-natural” cleaners because it’s easy to make your own with just a simple grapefruit. Cut a grapefruit in half and sprinkle it generously with kosher salt or ground-up rock salt. This is important as ordinary table salt grains can be too small to make a generous cleaning effect. Then treat your creation like a sponge and get to scrubbing. You’ll find the soap scum and skin dirt dissolving as you go.

How does it work? It’s simple. The acid in the fruit cuts through grease quite easily, and the salt acts a natural scrub. Once you’ve finished scrubbing just rinse with warm water and watch the soap scum and other nasties go down the drain. It’s quick, simple, easy and affordable.

And speaking of the drain, you’ll notice it starts to smell more fruity instead of the normal nasty smell. Now you can call in a General drain cleaning service if you notice that smell persisting, but there’s another natural cleaner you can use just before trying that. After you use the scrub and before you finish off your natural bathroom cleaning, put a cup of white vinegar down the hole to clear the drain. Add some bicarbonate of soda as well as this can really help clean up any residual smells (watch out for bubbles). Rinse out with some hot water afterwards to get rid of the vinegar smell and you should have a drain that is right as rain!