Snowmen Pumpkins Make Upcycling Fun

snowmen pumpkins

Snowmen pumpkins are all the rage this year. It’s a smart way to “upcycle” your leftover Halloween décor.

Whether your leftover pumpkins are the real deal or made of foam, it’s easy to paint them white and turn them into snowmen! (If the neighborhood kids already smashed your pumpkins, you can find the foam pumpkins from a craft store–these usually go on sale before Halloween, and are often deeply discounted by December. Use spray paint or craft paint and a cheap paintbrush from the Dollar Store, paint the pumpkins, then stack them up. Add eyes, a carrot nose and black coal (made of construction paper) to give the snowman a fun and happy expression.

For more snowman ideas (like the string cheese snowman!), see this Pinterest board.