Toothpaste Cleans Your Cars’ Headlights

toothpaste cleans

Toothpaste cleans your cars’ headlights, even better than a drive-through carwash will.

Think about it: your headlights are constantly bombarded with dirt, bits of rocks and who-knows-what from the road, and dead bugs. If you want to save money by not getting your car detailed the next time you have a big date, you can go for the less-expensive option of a drive-through car wash at the gas station. However, the headlights will likely still be dirty. Here’s all you have to do: put some toothpaste on a clean cloth and buff it into the headlights. Then fill up an empty dishwashing liquid container with warm water and squirt the water on the headlights to rinse. (This might take a few tries, so have a hose hand for subsequent rinses.) You’ll be astonished at how great the headlights look!

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