Take Your Coffee Black, And Renew Your Shoes

renew your shoes

Renew your shoes with coffee.

Coffee is, in some people’s estimation, one of the greatest substances known to humankind. It picks you up, perks you up, and wakes you up. It’s a centerpiece of our culture–and has been long before a certain chain came on the scene. And now, yet another great thing that coffee can do for you: it can help you renew your shoes.

There comes a point when your favorite shoes are headed to the bin, either by your own hand or after a thoughtful intervention by loved ones (e.g., your wife throws away your shoes while you’re at work). You know there’s still life in those shoes… it’s just that they smell bad.

Here’s your solution. Ground coffee or whole beans wrapped in–what else–a coffee filter (clean, unused!) work as an effective deodorizer for shoes. Put into your shoes and let them sit overnight. Or a few nights.