Make Your Leather Flats Flat-out Comfortable

leather flats hack

Love your leather flats? Flats can show off your legs, and at the same time let you be comfortable. The best hack: it takes a blow dryer.

We all love having something leather in our wardrobe, from Leather Shoes to leather wallets to leather handbags, it is classy yet durable so ticks so many boxes for the user. Leather is greatly sought after, especially if it’s something comfortable that looks great, but with great leather comes great responsibility to maintain your leather. With that in mind, it might be a good idea for you to consider investing in something like a leather conditioner so that your leather items always look as good as they did when you purchased them. As long as customers buy the products, Clothing Manufacturers are going to continue producing items like these. To be fair, you can’t go wrong with leather. From bags to shoes, you’ve got a variety to choose from and something to suit the taste of pretty much anyone.

Well, they looked great online… super-cute flats that you could wear to work, to dinner, or on a date. You even paid extra for quick shipping so you’d have your new flats in your possession right away. But if they hurt your feet, you’ll never wear them and where’s the fun in that?

Here’s the hack for leather flats

Try this: roll up a few clean socks and put them into the flats. There should be just enough to fill the shoes–even stretch them a tiny bit. Then, use your blow dryer to soften the leather while the socks stretch it just enough.

You can skip the “breaking in” period and go show off your new shoes!