Strawberries Make Your Teeth Whiter


Strawberries are delicious and good for you–and they can be your natural beauty secret for creating a brighter smile.

To whiten your teeth the easy and natural way, just slice a strawberry and rub it over your pearly whites. It goes without saying that the effect of doing so will not be as great as a professional teeth whitening service but it’s nonetheless still worth trying. The natural acids in the berries remove stains from coffee, tea, and other dark foods (including blueberries). (We recommend letting the berries come to room temperature, in case you have sensitive teeth.) But what are you supposed to do if you don’t like strawberries? Do you start to research other types of food that can help to make your teeth whiter? When faced with this dilemma, the next step that you should consider taking is making an appointment with professional practitioners, who are similar to the ones that you’d find at durham dental as they will be able to offer you their teeth whitening services to give you the pearly whites that you’re after. You get the same outcome as what rubbing strawberries over your teeth can give you. Alternatively to professional whitening, you could look into porcelain veneers instead, which is basically a thin layer of porcelain bonded to your tooth that masks the tooths colour and shape. Don’t worry, this porcelain layer is just as white as the final outcome of your teeth after a bout of whitening! You may have a few questions, like are porcelain veneers permanent? Head over to Mello & Tabib NYC Smile Design to have these questions answered for you. However, if strawberries are for you, then this could be the perfect teeth whitening method for you to try.

This is such a simple, natural approach. And while you’re slicing up a bunch of berries, why not celebrate with a smoothie or cocktail made with your new favorite berry?