Staple Remover Hack: Add Keys to a Keychain

staple remover

The staple remover is good for so much more than removing staples.

At last! A hack for putting keys on a keychain. How many keys have been lost because putting them on the keychain was next to impossible? If you’ve lost your keys in the Perth area check out south perth locksmith.

So you stick the key to your mom’s house in your wallet–because you’ll always have that with you, right? (Until you lose your wallet and have to stay at Mom’s house because you have no money to get home after a night out.)

Or maybe your new significant other finally offers the key to the kingdom, and you lose it because you couldn’t get the darn thing on the keychain.

Here’s where that trusty little office supply item comes in handy: use it to hold the key ring open just enough to slide on a key, once and for all.