Smelly Shoe Hack: Tea Bags

smelly shoe hack

Nobody likes smelly shoes! Yet stinky feet happen to the best of us. It’s perfectly natural that, after a few hours inside a pair of Chuck Taylors, our feet will smell like the inside of a dirty gym bag. (OK, maybe not that bad, but they will smell.) You need a smelly shoe hack, and we’ve got one.

You don’t have to buy any fancy powders or leave your shoes outside to air out. A super simple smelly shoe hack is right inside your tea canister: used tea bags. After you make tea, set the bag aside. (You can hang it over your dish drainer and it will be dry by the time you’re home from work.) Put used, dry teabags inside your shoes; the dried tea will absorb odors overnight. After a while, you’ll want to replace the teabags, of course.

Between this hack and using baking soda, your days of smelly shoes are over.