Simplify Your Keychain with this Nail Polish Hack


Are you tired of carrying around a bulky set of keys? Here’s a tip on going slim and sleek with your keychain: get rid of plastic key tags and paint your keys with brightly colored nail polish.

“Key caps” or “key tags”–those clunky plastic things around your keys–make your keychain bulky. And speaking of bulky–what are all those keys for? If you don’t know or can’t remember, take the keys off and throw them in your junk drawer. (If your junk drawer is overflowing, you can sell the contents on eBay–that’s a “thing” now!)

The idea is to streamline your keychain so that it has only the keys you’ll need in a given week. Do you really need to carry the keys for your mom’s house, your summer cottage, and your ex’s apartment?

You take your keys pretty much everywhere you go, so why not make them beautiful? You’ll have more room in your handbag and you’ll never have to worry about people mistaking you for the yard duty lady.