Shoe Hack: Deodorant on Your Feet

Shoe Hack

A shoe hack for everyone! (Come on, everybody has stinky feet sometimes.)

At first, the thought of putting deodorant on your feet might make you raise your eyebrows. But better raised eyebrows than blisters on your feet! Here’s an awesome shoe hack: use a solid, “glide on” deodorant all over your clean, dry feet before putting them into that brand new pair of high heels to prevent blisters.

If you’ve ever spent a small fortune on sexy new shoes only to find them unbearable to wear, this hack could change everything… imagine comfortably wearing any pair of shoes you set your eyes on.

What if you could wear any shoes without getting blisters? What would you choose? A pretty pair of ballet flats? Most people don’t realize it (until on a first date in the new shoes), but ballet flats can cause blisters, too. Perhaps you’ve always wanted a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes, like Oprah wears–you know, the ones with the red soles–and you’re prepared to spend a month’s rent on one pair. No worries, you won’t get blisters.