Save Water and Money with a Plastic Jug

save water

Save water and put a little extra money in your wallet at the same time.

Here’s a simple way to save money on your water bill: start with a plastic gallon jug–like the ones that you already buy filled with spring water or distilled water. Instead of throwing away the empty jug, fill the jug with sand (or tap water) to give it some weight, and then tuck it into your toilet tank. Yes, you read that right: put it under the lid.

You’ll save water because it will take less water to fill up the tank every time you flush.

Do you know what other tips and tricks can help you save your money? Read the following to learn about them.

Besides this ‘water jug trick’, you can try closing your taps while brushing, installing water-saving shower heads to restrict the flow of excess water, taking short baths, and checking faucets or pipes for for any leaks and getting them repaired by a reliable plumber from Mac-Vik Plumbing & Heating Co (and similar plumbing companies). Additionally, if you feel that your water supplier is unable to meet your water needs (thus contributing to more water wastage), then changing your water supplier might be a good idea.

Remember that by following these tips, not only can you save up on your water bill but can also save the precious element.