Rubber Band Fix for Your French Manicure

rubber band

A rubber band is all you need to fix a French manicure in a jiffy!

Grab a thick band from your office supply drawer, and wrap it around your nail, leaving the tip exposed. Now you can remove polish, re-apply, and even add a top-coat–without affecting the main part of your manicure. If you’d rather leave your manicure to a professional, visit a website like to book in for an at home beauty treatment. It’s much easier having someone else do your nails than trying to do them yourself!

A second way to use this tip will add some sparkle to your mani: with the band in place, add a coat of clear polish, then sprinkle on some nail foil for sparkling French tips. You can use this method on one finger or all ten for a dazzling French manicure.

Detailed Instructions