Remove Sticker Residue with Vinegar

remove sticker residue

Remove sticker residue once and for all, the easy and natural way.

Kids love stickers, and most kids go through a stage of putting stickers on everything. It may be that they have asked the a pack of their favorite ones and planned to put them on their own books or toys, but when they run out of space for them then sometimes the more cheeky children will choose to share them in perhaps not the best places.

Some stickers slide right off; others leave a gooey mess behind on toys, walls and furniture. Here’s the simplest way to remove that residue. Fill a spray bottle with a solution of half white vinegar, half water. Spray on the sticky stuff and wait a few minutes. Simply wipe away the goo. For the stickiest sticker situations, you can also dab a little bit of natural dishwashing liquid on the residue to help loosen it.

It can also help to have a chat with your child about what to do with the stickers to avoid this happening again. For example, if they’re begging you for a pack of vsco girl stickers then consider giving them a brief list of what’s not acceptable to stick them on and what is; Hydroflask, yes. Kitchen table, no. Still, if there are issues in the future then at least you have this hack ready and waiting!

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