Remove Pet Hair with a Squeegee

remove pet hair

Remove pet hair from carpets, tiles and hardwood floors with a simple squeegee.

Even after you’ve swept, mopped and vacuumed, Fido’s hair is not totally gone. Dog hair tends to build up in corners and against baseboards. A squeegee is the perfect tool to sweep pet hair out of tight spaces. Look for one with a long handle to get under beds and couches. Although this can be a very time consuming task, so why not look into carpet cleaning Melbourne (if you reside in Australia) or any company near you location, you’ll find they’re actually very cost effective as your carpet will be left smelling fresh and looking new. But some people prefer to use a squeegee, so if you do here’s an extra tip: wear rubber gloves while you’re doing this–the rubber attracts pet hair and will make you twice as effective as you sweep the hair toward you, pile it up, and dispose of it.

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