Put Makeup Remover on Your Night Stand

put makeup remover

Put makeup remover where you’ll see it just before you go to sleep: right there next to your phone, alarm clock and picture of your BFF–on your night stand.

If you’re like most makeup lovers, you’ve promised yourself that you’ll always take off your makeup before you go to bed. And, if you’re human, you’ve fallen asleep full-contour and still wearing your false lashes more than once. Well for the sake of your skin, it’s time to put a stop to that. Set some makeup remover wipes on your night stand. When you’re just too tired to get up and go wash your face, try this: first, wipe your forehead and cheeks. Then fold the wipe and set it over your eyes to soften your mascara and liner. Pat, don’t rub!, gently, working your way from the outside corner of each eye toward the inside corner.

You’ll sleep beautifully.