Pill Cases Are Perfect for Packing Jewelry

pill case

Pill cases come in handy in everyday life–you can use them for sorting your medicine or vitamins once a week and be all set. This handy little trick will stop you from losing your favorite custom name necklace and will ensure that you rotate between all of your jewelry to make sure that you are getting use out of all of your accessories. This way, you can take stock of all of your jewelry items and it will stop you from unnecessarily purchasing new jewelry that you don’t have need for. What’s more, is that it prevents tangles and will help you to protect your items so that you can love them for longer.

When you travel, these tiny cases double as a simple jewelry holders. Place your beloved Gema & CO earrings, your necklaces and bracelets in a weekly (or daily) pill case. They won’t get lost or tangled, and you can tuck the case into the side of your luggage, handbag, or even your laptop case for safe keeping. If you’re exceptionally organized, you can even sort out your jewelry by outfit and day of the week–that’s one less thing you’ll have to think about on your vacation.