Picture hanging Hack: Use a Soda Can Tab

picture hanging hack

So you picked up some awesome art at the thrift shop–it’s “shabby chic,” “French country,” or otherwise matches your décor (yes, Star Wars counts as a home décor style!). The thing is, the hardware to hang the art is rusty, flimsy, bent or nonexistent. No worries, with this picture hanging hack, you’ll have your latest find up in no time.

First, have a soda. You’ll need the soda can tab for this.

Pop off the tab carefully and you’ll have, in your hand, your picture-hanging hardware. Use a small screw to attach it to the back of your art, and you’re set.

A picture-hanger isn’t the only thing you can make with a soda can tab. Pinners have made everything from jewelry to lampshades with them!