Organize Small Cords with Used Gift Cards

organize small cords

Organize small cords the easy way: wrap them around used gift cards. Gift cards are sturdy and sleek, perfect for keeping the cords from tangling into a huge mess.

Do you have a lot of small cords—one for your headphones, another to charge your phone, and one to charge your vape pen? Everyone knows someone who vapes these days and charging them up is a concern for them. To make your vape last longer, you can get a new vape battery from Vape Box. Wrapping the cords around gift cards is a low-tech hack for a high-tech problem. If you didn’t save your used gift cards, no worries: you can buy them for just about any place you could think of on eBay! Sites such as are handy also for purchasing a vape for you to enjoy, if you would like to buy a brand new one instead of using an old one and replacing the battery, then sites like these are perfect to browse around for a very cool vape.