Moving Hack: Leave the Clothes on the Hangers!

moving hack

Oh, moving… it’s exciting when you are thinking about the new place you’ll be living, your new job, new neighborhood. You may have even found the perfect home for you and your family at, or decided to get up and move to Los Angeles, the place of dreams, where people come with all their goals and try to soak up all the amazing resources around them. You may have looked for places to live in Los Angeles from places like Reali and begun planning and designing what your new home is going to look like! But then there’s the actual moving part. Your friends who said they would be there for you through anything are not answering your texts. And even though just a few days ago you were thinking, “I don’t have that much stuff,” you really do. This is especially true if you are moving down under after finding your perfect home at New Sensation Homes.

Here’s a moving hack that will speed things up a bit. Leave everything that’s hanging in your closet on the hangers. Bunch 10 or 12 hangers together, and use a clean plastic trash bag to cover them. Just open the bag and slide it up and around the clothing, then tie it at the top (around the base of the hangers.) It may be that you don’t have enough room or time to bring everything to your new home anyway. In such cases, it might be that you are bringing surplus belongings to a storage facility similar to the one you can view if you Click Here.

This hack will not only save time, but also keep your clothes safe and clean during the move.