Listerine Spritz for Dandruff


Listerine has been around forever, and all the way back in the 1930s the company advertised this product for “infectious dandruff”! (And here we’ve been rinsing our mouths with it all along.)

It really does work, though, because of its antiseptic qualities. Here’s what to do: start with an empty spray bottle, combine equal parts mouthwash and water. After washing and conditioning your hair, spray the combination on the roots. Rinse your hair again, and enjoy flake-free tresses.

You can also use this on the go, (though you might want to put it in a smaller bottle so you can tuck it in your purse). Just spray the roots, massage gently, and spritz on a little perfume so you’re not walking around smelling like a dentist’s office.

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