Keep Earrings Together with a Button

keep earrings together

Keep earrings together when you travel, so you won’t have to rifle through your bag when you’re getting ready for a big event. If you have just bought a luxurious pair of earrings from the Jacobs The Jeweller store then the last thing you will want is to be spending hours searching through your hotel room for a runaway earring. It’s easy: just use a simple button. Insert each earring through a buttonhole and attach the back. If the earrings are “French wire” style (with no back), you can use a folded piece of masking tape as a faux back to hold the earrings in place.

Once you’ve buttoned up the earrings you’ll be brining on your trip, you can keep them in a weekly pill reminder case or string them together and toss them in a Ziploc bag.

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