Iron Away Deep Carpet Indents

iron away

Iron away deep indentations in your carpet. Furniture can leave deep indents in carpeting, but there’s no need to replace it or even to spring for a steam cleaning. You can create your own mini steam cleaner with an iron. How about that?

Here’s how to go about it:

You’ll want to cover the indentation with a clean but damp towel. Set your iron on steam, then iron over the towel in quick, small strokes. The steam will penetrate the carpet, loosening up the fibers. The damp towel, in the meantime, with protect your carpet from the iron’s heat. It’s a win-win, and now you can move your furniture around without leaving crop circles on your carpet.

If you’re like most households in the USA, you’ve most likely got tiled flooring in your kitchen, right? If this is the case, don’t trouble yourself! There’s no need to get down on your hands and knees with an iron to clean your carpets. Here’s a pretty handy hack to help you out… You’ll notice even the best steam mop for tiles may come with extra attachments that are perfect for use on your carpets. I would try those out before you wear yourself out!