Home Improvement Hack: You Can Do this with Toothpicks

do this with toothpicks

Why can’t home improvement be straightforward, like it is on TV? Lots of us find it very difficult to choose between opting for a new house somewhere else or simply taking on a home improvement project that will make your home feel new once more. I’m sure the move vs renovate argument has been the source of friction in many households across the nation! Some of us would find it easier to find their ready-made dream home with a Milton real estate agent rather than being forced to create it for themselves. However, others may relish the thought of undertaking an ambitious project. For those of us without a team of experts handy, like those who can handle home improvement uk services, little things can turn a simple project into a complicated, expensive undertaking.

One of the most common “little things” is anchoring a screw in a stripped hole. Here’s a hack for fixing a stripped hole–and you can do this with toothpicks. If money is one big factor for holding back on you improving your abode, you might want to look into home improvement loans to turn your home into your dream home.

Let’s say you’ve taken down a shelf or curio cabinet to paint the wall. You’re feeling pretty good about yourself and your home improvement project–until it’s time to re-hang the shelf. The screw pops right in and then turns and turns… the hole is stripped. Grab some toothpicks and pack them into the hole, giving the screw something to anchor it.