Highlight and Contour on the 3s

highlight and contour

Highlight and contour applied properly can give you a beautiful, flawless look that that plays up your best features and adds a little extra definition where you need it.

There’s a simple way to apply contour and highlighter–whether you are using a powder, stick or cream. For the contour, draw a number 3: on your right side, start on the forehead, just above the arch of your brow, and sweep out to the temple, down to below the apple of your cheek, and then out to just below your ear, and sweep lightly under the jawbone. (It’s easier than it sounds once you try it!) Then repeat on your left side.

With highlighter, make a number 3 again–but this time, go into the bridge of your nose, then up and out along the cheekbone, then toward your smile and back out, just below the contour.

Don’t forget to blend!