Frozen Yogurt Pops the Easy Way

frozen yogurt pops

Frozen yogurt pops are a delicious, refreshing low-calorie treat. Kids love them so much they might not even realize the pops are made from healthy ingredients! Now you can make your own pops at home. You’ll save money and you can control exactly what goes into your kids’ warm-weather treats.

Start with an assortment of your favorite yogurt flavors. Make sure each is in a cylindrical cup–not too large or your pops will be hard to handle. Cut a small slit in the center of the yogurt’s lid (plastic or foil), and insert a plastic spoon as far as it will go. (You can also use a popsicle stick.) Seal it in a Ziploc bag, and freeze. That’s it! To keep popsicle eating from getting messy, add a cupcake paper like this.


Make Your Own Fresh Fruit Frozen Yogurt Pops