Freezer Hack: De-ice the Freezer with Cooking Spray

freezer hack

When you’ve just walked in the door and all you want to do is to heat up that frozen pizza, the last thing you need is to fight with frost–it’s like climbing into an igloo through a closed door.

You can prevent frosty messes with this freezer hack.

First, you’ll need to take everything out of the freezer. If things are frozen in place, you can turn down the settings or even unplug the freezer for a short time. Don’t leave it unattended or you’ll have a mess to clean up–and, if you have downstairs neighbors they’ll have a flood.

Once you’ve got everything out, spray the inside of the freezer with cooking oil. Wait about five minutes and then wipe off the spray with a paper towel. And there’s all there is to it!