Soda Bottle Sprinkler–Easy DIY

soda bottle sprinkler

We all love sprinklers, don’t we? They’re a very water and time-efficient way to hydrate the garden or crops. They’re also one of the most perfect ways to have fun and cool off on a hot summer’s day, as many of you reading this may already know.

A soda bottle sprinkler is super easy to make–you can make it with your kids or on your own, simply to stoke your childhood memories. It can also make do as a temporary fix if your normal sprinkler is on the blitz and you are waiting for the sprinkler repair Castle Rock CO company to come and fix it.

Start with an empty 2-liter soda bottle, which will be the basis of the soda bottle sprinkler. The neck of the bottle is just about the right size to screw on to a regular garden hose. If it is a bit loose, you may want to strap some duct-tape as well for extra security but be careful of the water pressure. Poke some holes in the soda bottle to turn it into a sprinkler head, the bigger the hole the bigger the stream of water. Then screw the hose in, and turn the water on! You’ve got a custom-made DIY soda bottle sprinkler.

(For a bit of bubbly fun, put a little bubble bath or mild dish soap in the bottle before you screw it on to the hose. Just make sure to tell the kids not to drink the sprinkler water! It doesn’t taste good and it may certainly upset their stomachs. Soapy water may also upset some of your more delicate plants so be careful where you spray as well.)