Dryer Sheets Tame Your Hair

dryer sheets tame

Dryer sheets tame flyaway or frizzy hair without any magic potions or sprays. Keep a single dryer sheet in a Ziploc bag in your purse, desk drawer, and your car for those days (or nights) when you can’t do a thing with your hair.

The two root (pun!) problems of flyaway hair are: static electricity and poorly moisturized hair. The static tends to be worse in the winter, especially when you’re wearing knit caps or scarves. A sheet of Bounce will calm the static in no time flat. The other cause of flyaway hair is dryness. If you have time, you can combat this by curling your hair with old-fashioned Velcro curlers; if not, a dryer sheet will do the trick–gently rub it over your hair and see the difference.