DIY Tripod for Your iPhone or Smartphone

DIY Tripod

A DIY tripod for your phone is simple to make. All you need is a little cardboard and a pair of scissors. Cut and shape the cardboard, as shown here. (The tripod should stand on its own securely before you put your phone in it.)

Now you can take pictures that are crystal clear; no more blurred images! Even better, if you want to take a “selfie” using your new tripod, you can use your iPhone earpods to do it: just plug in the earpods and use the “+” button to snap a photo. It’s a lot better than the one-armed selfie approach, and your homemade tripod is easier to carry than a selfie stick.

Taking iPhone photos has become a bit of an art for people to take on, they are always trying new and innovative ways to get the best pictures, or the most aesthetically pleasing pictures so they can post it all over social media, and why not? This is the age of the internet, where people live their lives online and want to showcase their talents. However, for some people, they don’t really know where to start and how to go about creating the best pictures for them to take with their iPhone. Fear not, sites such as Mobile Mob can help with this by offering up 7 tips and tricks to help those take pictures with their iPhones in the most professional way they can, from knowing how to set your lighting to fit your picture, to knowing how to utilize the zoom lens on your phone in a first-rate way. There are great tips that all can make use of, you don’t have to be an expert now to know how to take great pictures of your friends and family. When they see what you’ve done, they’ll be asking you to teach them how to do it too.

These types of skills are very useful nowadays, as we mostly rely on digital communication, and we are expressing creativity a lot more now than we used to, giving rise to more and more people wanting to be a part of this era and showing off what they are learning. So, if you want to be a part of that then why not follow on and see if this is right for you, it could spark something inside that makes you want to develop on this a lot further.