DIY Candle Holders with Wine Bottles

DIY candle holders

DIY candle holders are fun to make and a great way to save money on home décor. And what better way to get into a creative mood than with a few glasses of wine?

When your wine bottle is empty, fill up your sink with warm water and a few tablespoons of our DIY favorite, baking soda. Soak the bottle for 30 minutes–while you’re gathering your craft essentials–and the label will come off easily.

Next, start decorating the bottle! In the 60s, wine-bottle candle holders were popular, and people would let the melted wax drip down to create wax art. If that’s not quite your style, decorate the bottle with spray paint or wrap it in jute, add a few charms, and you’ve got an inspired, unique centerpiece.

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