Car Scratch Hack: WD-40

car scratch hack

You love your car. You’re careful to keep it clean on the inside and out. Then one day, you notice a nasty scuff mark. First, take a deep breath–you know it’s not your fault and whatever, or whomever, left the stain is long gone. But it’s easy enough to fix without a trip to the paint shop.

For minor marks, here’s the ultimate car scratch hack: just spray on some WD-40 and wipe it with a paper towel. It’s that simple! If the first go doesn’t completely remove the scuff mark, try it again with a fresh paper towel. In a few minutes, the memory of that scratch will be long gone.

If you are not confident enough to fix the scratch yourself, you could always look to find your local car body shop, where you can get professionals to get your car looking as good as new! At least this way, you know it is left in the best hands possible.