Apply Perfume Like a Boss

apply perfume

Apply perfume on your wrists, then dab a bit behind your ears and you’re good to go, right?

Not so fast, missy. If you’re going to drop your hard-earned cash on your “signature scent” you want it to last–and to make a good impression. Especially if it’s one of those True Pheromones products which use desirable hormones to attract the opposite sex! Try rubbing it through your hair, down your back, and even spritzing a bit of it in your belly button! These are scientifically proven “hot spots” (well, it depends on how you define “science,” really–we’ll just call it the science of love). To some women, perfume is so important and part of who they are, I have heard many women say they feel naked without their scent on and that’s just it, it’s our individual scent. Although, your best friend Sarah might have the same Chanel No 5 as you, for some reason it smells entirely different on her than it does you and it somehow becomes your signature scent. Many women love perfume and explore the world to find their own unique scent, many have multiple and are too indecisive to choose just one. The price of perfume ranges and although some of us can make a bottle last a month others just can’t stop spritzing. Make your perfume last and inherit some of the tips above to enhance your smell and make your scent last longer. Make sure you spray perfume in the places you would never think you needed it i.e belly button. Spray your perfume like a boss and make your scent last.

To make the scent last, use a bit of Vaseline in all your favorite perfume places.

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