Ambient Light for the Camping Tent

ambient light

Ambient light is easy to create from the basic supplies you’ll already have with you on a camping trip. You don’t want to have to lug along a lot of gear, especially if you’re looking for a more wild adventure in the cold lands of Iceland, or if you’re going to be hiking for a full day. The less gear you have to lug back and forth the better.

There is an easy way, however, to make light. And no, it isn’t just to start a fire. Many camping areas around the world actually forbid people from doing this to help preserve the landscape, so make sure you check with the jurisdiction where you are before getting the matches out.

Instead, consider what you are bringing with you. You made sure you have a jug of water on hand, right? Follow these simple steps and you’ll have plenty of light with just that and a headlamp.

Attach your headlamp to a jug full of water. (You don’t have to carry a gallon of water with you–drink up and collapse the empty bottle, then stick it in your backpack, and fill it up at a stream.) Shine the lamp through the water and you’ll have just the right amount of light for a late-night talk, snack, or… whatever you fancy.

If you are looking for some good quality head lamps for your camping trip, search for best hard hat light models online to find stores like Garage Tool Guy. Additionally, bring a few extra batteries for the lights just for emergency. This could be so much more effective than a cell phone lamp app and would definitely be safer than a candle!

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