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Remove Cherry Pits with a Lollipop Stick

Remove cherry pits before you serve a bowl of cherries and you won’t have to worry about your kids chocking on the pits–or spitting them out at their siblings. First, wash the cherries. Use a narrow-necked bottle, like a wine bottle or an old-fashioned soda bottle. If the cherry has […]

Create Font Based on Your Handwriting

Create font based on your very own handwriting. Just a few years ago, creating a font took months of work by a graphic designer. Today, you can create a font based on your own handwriting, the easy way. High tech meets low tech at a website that will walk you through the […]

DIY Nail Art with a Band-Aid

DIY nail art can be simple, fun and oh-so chic–all you need are a couple of Band-Aids. First, paint your nails with a base color. You can add a clear top-coat over the base, or over your “art” or, for a super long-lasting manicure, over both. Place the end of […]

Perfect Mascara Using a Business Card

Perfect mascara can be yours, at last. You want to coat all your lashes, from the base all the way up–but it can get messy. Try this: hold a business card at the base of your lashes. The card will absorb the extra mascara that would otherwise end up all […]

Remove Water Stains with a Hair Dryer

Remove water stains from your coffee tables, dining room table or even your piano bench (!) with the concentrated heat of your hair dryer. My friend used a Dyson supersonic hair dryer but honestly, any hair dryer will do. Cool glasses of water or hot cops of tea–along with those […]

DIY Vacuum Extension with a Paper Towel Tube

A DIY vacuum extension can come in handy when the parts that came with your vacuum just aren’t doing the trick. Let’s say you want to reach all the way under your couch or bed, or behind the t.v., without having to move the furniture around. Usually, most hand-held vacuums […]

Keep Earrings Together with a Button

Keep earrings together when you travel, so you won’t have to rifle through your bag when you’re getting ready for a big event. If you have just bought a luxurious pair of earrings from the Jacobs The Jeweller store then the last thing you will want is to be spending […]

Pack Half in Your Luggage, Half in Your Partner’s

Pack half of what you’re bringing on vacation in your luggage, and the other half in the luggage of your travel partner. And, your partner should do the same: half of his stuff in his bag, half in yours. That way, if one bag gets lost or delayed, it won’t […]

Keep Ice Cream Soft and Ready to Eat

Keep ice cream soft and ready for the whole family to enjoy with one simple trick: a freezer bag. No one likes to wait for ice cream to soften–especially kids! When you bring your favorite frozen confection home from the store, put it in a Ziploc bag before you put it […]

Keep Basil Fresh the Simple Way

Keep basil fresh for up to a week with a simple cup of water. This method is similar to keeping a bouquet of cut flowers fresh. First, trim the stems of the basil with a sharp knife. Then, place the bunch into a glass of water. Cover with a plastic […]

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Pancakes with Bacon (Inside!)

Pancakes with bacon are a staple of hearty breakfasts everywhere. Now, you no longer need to rush through one part of breakfast to get to the other: you can have your pancakes (with bacon) and eat them, too. First, cook the bacon–it takes a lot longer to cook, and at […]

Clean Wine Glasses with a Coffee Filter

We all love to have the classiest wine glasses possible for when we indulge in a calming drink. Clean wine glasses should sparkle like fine crystal–even if you bought them at a discount store. Yet running through the dishwasher and drying them by hand isn’t always enough. If your wine […]

Chill Wine Thoroughly with Frozen Grapes

Chill wine the easy, efficient and stylish way: use frozen grapes. No time to chill your wine? Don’t even think about adding ice cubes, which will quickly dilute the wine. Instead, keep some frozen grapes handy in your freezer. Add the grapes to the grown-up “grape juice” and for a […]

Keep Earrings Together with a Button

Keep earrings together when you travel, so you won’t have to rifle through your bag when you’re getting ready for a big event. If you have just bought a luxurious pair of earrings from the Jacobs The Jeweller store then the last thing you will want is to be spending […]

Powerstrip Love: Be the Hero for Other Travelers

Powerstrip love is a 21st century kind of love. It’s what happens when there are a bunch of people crowding around one outlet at a café, library or any other place where people gravitate to get their work done (or watch videos of cute puppies). Typically, there are far too […]

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Edible Christmas Trees with Guacamole

Edible Christmas trees are simple to make and delicious to eat. All you need is pita bread, guacamole and some pretzel sticks. You can add tomatoes or sour cream for some extra pizazz. Make your own colorful and healthy Christmas appetizer with these simple ingredients. Cut pita bread into wedges […]

Shaving Cream Removes Makeup Stains

Shaving cream is something you probably use every day, but did you know that it’s good for more than getting a close shave on your legs? Here’s a use you might not have considered until now–it removes makeup stains from your clothing. The next time you find traces of your foundation–or […]

Clear Nail Polish Keeps Buttons On

Clear nail polish has long been used to stop a “run” in stockings–it goes on easily, dries quickly and acts as a glue to keep threads close together. You can also use this wonderful substance to keep buttons from popping off your shirts and sweaters. This works for two-hole and four-hole […]

Did She Give You a Fake Number?

Did she just give you a fake number?  You’re out with the guys, having what seems like a genuine–deep, even–conversation with someone you’d really, really like to see again. Finally, you get up the nerve to ask for her number and she gives it to you. But is it a […]

Update Your Manicure the Simple Way

Update your manicure the simplest way possible–no appointment required! When it’s been a while since your most recent mani-pedi, and you don’t have time to book an appointment, there’s an easy way to cover up the “bare” nail near your cuticles. The best part of this beauty hack? Glitter! Use nail glitter […]