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Remove Cherry Pits with a Lollipop Stick

Remove cherry pits before you serve a bowl of cherries and you won’t have to worry about your kids chocking on the pits–or spitting them out at their siblings. First, wash the cherries. Use a narrow-necked bottle, like a wine bottle or an old-fashioned soda bottle. If the cherry has […]

Create Font Based on Your Handwriting

Create font based on your very own handwriting. Just a few years ago, creating a font took months of work by a graphic designer. Today, you can create a font based on your own handwriting, the easy way. High tech meets low tech at a website that will walk you through the […]

DIY Nail Art with a Band-Aid

DIY nail art can be simple, fun and oh-so chic–all you need are a couple of Band-Aids. First, paint your nails with a base color. You can add a clear top-coat over the base, or over your “art” or, for a super long-lasting manicure, over both. Place the end of […]

Perfect Mascara Using a Business Card

Perfect mascara can be yours, at last. You want to coat all your lashes, from the base all the way up–but it can get messy. Try this: hold a business card at the base of your lashes. The card will absorb the extra mascara that would otherwise end up all […]

Remove Water Stains with a Hair Dryer

Remove water stains from your coffee tables, dining room table or even your piano bench (!) with the concentrated heat of your hair dryer. My friend used a Dyson supersonic hair dryer but honestly, any hair dryer will do. Cool glasses of water or hot cops of tea–along with those […]

DIY Vacuum Extension with a Paper Towel Tube

A DIY vacuum extension can come in handy when the parts that came with your vacuum just aren’t doing the trick. Let’s say you want to reach all the way under your couch or bed, or behind the t.v., without having to move the furniture around. Usually, most hand-held vacuums […]

Keep Earrings Together with a Button

Keep earrings together when you travel, so you won’t have to rifle through your bag when you’re getting ready for a big event. If you have just bought a luxurious pair of earrings from the Jacobs The Jeweller store then the last thing you will want is to be spending […]

Pack Half in Your Luggage, Half in Your Partner’s

Pack half of what you’re bringing on vacation in your luggage, and the other half in the luggage of your travel partner. And, your partner should do the same: half of his stuff in his bag, half in yours. That way, if one bag gets lost or delayed, it won’t […]

Keep Ice Cream Soft and Ready to Eat

Keep ice cream soft and ready for the whole family to enjoy with one simple trick: a freezer bag. No one likes to wait for ice cream to soften–especially kids! When you bring your favorite frozen confection home from the store, put it in a Ziploc bag before you put it […]

Keep Basil Fresh the Simple Way

Keep basil fresh for up to a week with a simple cup of water. This method is similar to keeping a bouquet of cut flowers fresh. First, trim the stems of the basil with a sharp knife. Then, place the bunch into a glass of water. Cover with a plastic […]

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Decorate Cookies the Easy Way

Decorate cookies at the holidays–or any time of year–without the hassle of special tools. (Yes, there are special tools for this task, but you can do it for a fraction of the cost!) Decorating cookies and cakes adds some cheer to dessert–and it’s a fun way to keep the kids busy. […]

DIY Fabric Softener (Great for People with Allergies!)

DIY fabric softener, made with one ingredient that you probably already have in your cupboard, is a great alternative to store-bought softener. The store-bought brands can be tough on people with allergies. Make your own and save some money while you’re at it! Simply pour 1/4 cup to a 1/2 cup (depending […]

Desk Organizing with Low-tech Fun

Desk organizing at work doesn’t have to be boring. Update your high-tech work area with a low-tech favorite: Legos bring a bit of vintage fun to your workspace. First, attach a long Lego piece to the side of your desk (make it the same side where your laptop charges). You can attach […]

DIY Gift Labels Using Family Photos

Labels add the finishing touch on gifts, yet far too often we put all the effort into wrapping the gift, and the labels are treated as an afterthought. Now you can make DIY gift tags that are not only simple but also reflect what’s inside the package. This is so […]

Freeze Bacon the Smart Way

Freeze bacon the smart way, so it will be ready when you are. Bacon is at an all-time high in popularity, because everybody knows that bacon is a delicious way to add great taste and protein to any dish. When you’re making pasta, pizza or an omelette, you need a […]

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Garbage Disposal Cleaning–the Natural Way

Garbage disposal cleaning was, for a few decades, left to the whims of chemical companies. But no more! These days, DIY cleaning solutions are all the rage, and there’s no reason that your kitchen sink (or you) should miss out on this trend. Start with oranges, lemons and limes. Go […]

Wrap Oddly Shaped Gifts the Easy Way

Wrap oddly shaped gifts the easy way without spending a fortune on gift bags! Sure, wrapping up a gift with wrinkled paper and a whole lot of tape is cute–when you’re a kid. But presentation is important, and people do get a bit tired of digging gifts out of generic […]

Delicious Pickle Hack for Hot Dogs

This delicious pickle hack will come in handy the next time you have an outdoor party. Let’s say you’ve invited everyone in the neighborhood, and they all show up! A couple of troopers brought hot dogs, and there’s salad and beer, but you’ve run out of hot dog buns. Sure, […]

DIY In-and-Out Box: Use an Old Shutter

What to do with an old shutter? Oh, it’s a treasure in disguise! You can paint it with chalk paint, or spray paint it, or just sand it here and there to make it look “shabby chic.” Then hang it in the doorway for a unique in-and-out box that’s so […]

Soda Pop Tabs Will Make Room in Your Closet

Soda pop tabs are all the rage when it comes to making jewelry and even clothing! If your closet is already overflowing with clothing, you can use these trusty little tabs to practically double the room for hanging clothes. Start with the pop tabs: you can use sandpaper or even […]