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Remove Cherry Pits with a Lollipop Stick

Remove cherry pits before you serve a bowl of cherries and you won’t have to worry about your kids chocking on the pits–or spitting them out at their siblings. First, wash the cherries. Use a narrow-necked bottle, like a wine bottle or an old-fashioned soda bottle. If the cherry has […]

Create Font Based on Your Handwriting

Create font based on your very own handwriting. Just a few years ago, creating a font took months of work by a graphic designer. Today, you can create a font based on your own handwriting, the easy way. High tech meets low tech at a website that will walk you through the […]

DIY Nail Art with a Band-Aid

DIY nail art can be simple, fun and oh-so chic–all you need are a couple of Band-Aids. First, paint your nails with a base color. You can add a clear top-coat over the base, or over your “art” or, for a super long-lasting manicure, over both. Place the end of […]

Perfect Mascara Using a Business Card

Perfect mascara can be yours, at last. You want to coat all your lashes, from the base all the way up–but it can get messy. Try this: hold a business card at the base of your lashes. The card will absorb the extra mascara that would otherwise end up all […]

Remove Water Stains with a Hair Dryer

Remove water stains from your coffee tables, dining room table or even your piano bench (!) with the concentrated heat of your hair dryer. Cool glasses of water or hot cops of tea–along with those sippy cups full of juice that your kids love–leave a white mark on wood furniture. […]

DIY Vacuum Extension with a Paper Towel Tube

A DIY vacuum extension can come in handy when the parts that came with your vacuum just aren’t doing the trick. Let’s say you want to reach all the way under your couch or bed, or behind the t.v., without having to move the furniture around. You can make your vacuum […]

Keep Earrings Together with a Button

Keep earrings together when you travel, so you won’t have to rifle through your bag when you’re getting ready for a big event. It’s easy: just use a simple button. Insert each earring through a buttonhole and attach the back. If the earrings are “French wire” style (with no back), […]

Pack Half in Your Luggage, Half in Your Partner’s

Pack half of what you’re bringing on vacation in your luggage, and the other half in the luggage of your travel partner. And, your partner should do the same: half of his stuff in his bag, half in yours. That way, if one bag gets lost or delayed, it won’t […]

Keep Ice Cream Soft and Ready to Eat

Keep ice cream soft and ready for the whole family to enjoy with one simple trick: a freezer bag. No one likes to wait for ice cream to soften–especially kids! When you bring your favorite frozen confection home from the store, put it in a Ziploc bag before you put it […]

Keep Basil Fresh the Simple Way

Keep basil fresh for up to a week with a simple cup of water. This method is similar to keeping a bouquet of cut flowers fresh. First, trim the stems of the basil with a sharp knife. Then, place the bunch into a glass of water. Cover with a plastic […]

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Organize Handbags with Shower Curtain Hooks

Organize handbags the simple, fast and inexpensive way: with shower curtain hooks. Handbags are typically too big to store in a drawer and too bulky to hang on hangers. Here’s the solution: use shower curtain hooks on an extendable curtain rod. You can hang the rod anywhere! We suggest hanging […]

Hang Paper Towels on a Coat Hanger

Hang paper towels the easy way at your outdoor events this summer. When you’re manning the BBQ, or watching a bunch of kids at a pool party, you don’t have time to trek back to the kitchen to grab a paper towel every time you need one. Try this: cut the […]

Makeup Magnets Make Getting Ready Simple

Makeup magnets are a brilliant idea that will transform your morning routine. No more looking through drawers for the things you use every day! Select the makeup you use every day and add magnetic dots to each container. Then, frame a metal board and mount it in your bathroom. Now […]

Chop Veggies Once a Week to Save Time

Chop veggies once a week, instead of every single day. This tip will help you eat healthy and have more time. On Sunday, wash and chop all the vegetables you’ll need for the week—for snacks, salads, stir-fry meals and sides. You won’t have to spend the time cleaning a handful […]

Peel Kiwi the Easy Way

Peel kiwi without tearing off half the fruit or squishing it to smithereens in the process. Take a look at the two ends of the kiwi to find the end where the stem was. Cut that off with a paring knife (or any knife). Then slide a spoon into the […]

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Freezer Hack: De-ice the Freezer with Cooking Spray

When you’ve just walked in the door and all you want to do is to heat up that frozen pizza, the last thing you need is to fight with frost–it’s like climbing into an igloo through a closed door. You can prevent frosty messes with this freezer hack. First, you’ll need […]

Car Scratch Hack: WD-40

You love your car. You’re careful to keep it clean on the inside and out. Then one day, you notice a nasty scuff mark. First, take a deep breath–you know it’s not your fault and whatever, or whomever, left the stain is long gone. But it’s easy enough to fix without […]

For Travel Peace of Mind: Scan Your Docs

Before you travel, scan or photograph each of your important travel documents–your tickets, itinerary and of course your passport. That way, if you… lose your passport, drop your tickets while you’re in line or use the back of your itinerary to make a shopping list, you’ll still have an image of each. […]

Frozen Treats Help Fido Cool Down

Frozen treats can help cool down your dog on hot summer days. When it’s hot, your dog may not feel like eating his regular kibble, but he still has to eat. It’s easy to make healthy frozen dog treats. Start with some canned pumpkin, chicken broth (no salt added!), or […]

DIY iPhone Speakers Using a Toilet Paper Roll

When you’re on the go (yes, that pun was intended!) and you need a super-simple speaker for your iPhone, try this hack that’s about as cheap and easy as it gets: make a speaker from a toilet paper roll! You’ll need an empty roll. Use a knife to make a […]